Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

The house I live in has almost everything a renter could ask for: spacious bedrooms, mahogany laminate floors, granite countertops. That is, everything but decent bathroom storage! The master bathroom has not a single drawer or cabinet. Time to use my thrift store and DIY savvy to solve this problem.

I found this fugly brown cabinet for $20 at the thrift store. As far as I can tell, it was originally designed to hold VHS tapes, but it's also the perfect size for bathroom doodads of various shapes and sizes.

How to Finish Ribbon Ends

Part of my thrift store addiction is finding cute second-hand dresses, but many of them are missing accessories such as belts, sashes, and ties. One of my favorite ways to update an old dress is to add a new length of ribbon from the craft store as a belt.

The problem is, when you get ribbon cut at the fabric store, you end up with frayed edges that are none too pretty.